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Create ChatGpt Ai System Bot In Blogger Website l ChatGpt x Blogger (Blogspot)

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Blogger (Blogspot) is a blogging platform that is quite popular because it is free and easy to use. With Blogger, we can channel our creativity and share information more widely with readers around the world.

When ChatGPT appears, Bloggers may worry that ChatGPT can replace the content they create and reduce the value of their presence as a blogger.

However, I believe that the content that we (Bloggers) create is still the main asset that attracts readers to visit our blog.

Therefore, here I am spinning my brain a little to find a way so that Bloggers are no longer worried about ChatGPT and keep blog visitors stable. One way is none other or not is?...

Create ChatGpt Ai System Bot In Blogger Website l ChatGpt x Blogger (Blogspot)
© Itz TxS (Ai-ChatBot)

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT stands for "Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformers" which is a Machine-based natural language model that is trained using Machine Learning (machine learning technology) to understand human language and produce responses that resemble human responses.

In other words, GPT Chat is a system that can communicate with humans via text or voice and can provide human-sounding responses.

Display of ChatGPT on Blogger/Blogspot

The following is a display of ChatGPT already installed on Blogger:

Demo For TxS Ai Bot


If there is no Bot reply, there are three possibilities: You are sending messages too fast or too often; Busy OpenAI servers; or most likely it is my API Key which is already limited :D.

Installing ChatGPT on Blogger/Blogspot

Previously, here I will only show you how to install ChatGPT on Blogger, not for customization.

You can follow the steps below to install ChatGPT on Blogger.

Get OpenAI API Keys

OpenAI provides an API (Application Programming Interface) to be used by Developers in developing Mobile or Web applications.

Here, we can use the API from OpenAI to be used in installing Chat Bot applications that are responsive and understand human language well.

Here are the steps and ways to get the API Key from OpenAI:

  1. Go to page Api Key OpenAI dan Login with your account. If you don't have one, please register first.

  2. On the API Keys page, click the Create new secret key' button.

  3. A Pop-Up Dialog will appear containing the Api Keys code. Copy the API Keys code. Please note that the API Keys code can only be viewed once, so I recommend saving it in Notepad first.

Adding ChatGPT Scripts and Styles to the Blog

Before adding Scripts and Styles, you need to set up one static post or page. Next, edit the post or static page in HTML View mode (Not Compose View).

Enter the following code into it:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" rel="preload" />
<div class="elcreative-chatgpt"></div>
<script src=""></script>
elementContainer: '.elcreative-chatgpt',

config: {
apiKey: 'LICENSE_API',
imageUser: 'URL_FOR_USER_IMAGE',
imageBot: 'URL_FOR_BOT_IMAGE',

Here, you need to set a few things in the config section. Here is the explanation:

  1. apiKey - Change LICENSE_API to the OpenAI Api Key that you copied earlier. Eitss, don't just fill it in first, I will explain about apiKey in the explanation Security API Key Configuration below.

  2. minCharacter - Change MINIMUM_CHARACTER_ADD to number (Shouldn't be String or text). Example: 20 (Minimum characters to send Chat is 20 characters).

  3. imageUser - Replace URL_FOR_USER_IMAGE with Image URL.

  4. imageBot - Replace URL_FOR_BOT_IMAGE with Image URL.

OpenAI API Key Security Configuration

The OpenAI API key is used to authenticate access to OpenAI services and grant certain access rights to users.

If the API key is shared or publicly visible, other people can use the API Key to access OpenAI services and perform unwanted actions such as deleting or changing data, or even carrying out security attacks on OpenAI systems.

Get License Key

Therefore, Its Need License Like Code. Please Message Me Using Telegram For License Itz TxS. Paste your License In Api Key Section.

After that, you can fill in the configuration

However, keep in mind that using this encryption technique does not always guarantee optimal security.

Those are some things to install ChatGPT on Blogger. If this article is useful, please share it with friends or relatives. If you have questions or something is unclear, please write in the comments column. Thank You.

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